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Veterinary Services

Veterinarian is a regulated and protected term, meaning that prerequisite qualifications and/or licensure are not able to use the title. In many cases, the activities that may be undertaken by a veterinarian (such as treatment of illness or surgery in animals) are restricted only to those professionals who are registered as a veterinarian.

Most veterinary physicians work in clinical settings, treating animals directly. These veterinarians may be involved in a general practice, treating animals of all types; they may be specialized in a specific group of animals such as companion animals, livestock, zoo animals or equines; or may specialize in a narrow medical discipline such as surgery, dermatology or internal medicine . As with other healthcare professionals, veterinarians face ethical decisions about the care of their patients. Current debates within the profession include the ethics of certain procedures believed to be purely cosmetic or unnecessary for behavioral issues, such as declawing of cats, docking of tails, cropping of ears and debarking on dogs.

Veterinarians and their practices may be specialized in certain areas of veterinary medicine. Areas of focus include:

Exotic animal veterinarian - Generally considered to include reptiles, exotic birds such as parrots and cockatoos, and small mammals such as ferrets, rabbits, chinchillas, and degus.

• Conservation medicine - The study of the relationship between animal and human health and environmental information.

• Small animal practice - Usually dogs, cats, and other companion animals/household pets such as hamsters and gerbils. Some practices are canine-only or feline-only practices.

• Laboratory animal practice - Some veterinarians work in a university or industrial laboratory and are responsible for the care and treatment of laboratory animals of any species (often involving bovines, porcine species, felines, canines, rodents, and even exotic animals). Their responsibility is not only for the health and well being of the animals, but also for enforcing humane and ethical treatment of the animals in the facility.

Veterinary specialists are in the minority compared to general practice veterinarians, and tend to be based at points of referral, such as veterinary schools or larger animal hospitals. Unlike human medicine, veterinary specialties often combine both the surgical and medical aspects of a biological system. In Bangladesh Pet animal Veterinarian not more but pet animal are increasing day by day. Specially three cities are Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet having more pet animal other than another district city. Now important of pet veterinary is increasing day by day. A veterinarian can serve him soul mind on a pet animal when he/she will sick. So I hope that if vet will grownup with his/her expertise they will make up that condition.

(writen by Dr. Saddam Hossain, Chief Vet. Doctor, Chittogong Division,

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