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About the Mobile App (Version 2.0)

Bangladesh Wild Mentor will help the people of Bangladesh and interested people from other countries to learn to know about Bangladesh’s wildlife. Animals of various taxonomic groups are presented with beautiful pictures and a short description on how to recognize them. Species can either be found by scrolling over the start page, by typing a species name into the search field or by using the taxonomic tree based system where the user will get a feeling of taxonomic position of different animal species.

Contribute to save Bangladesh’s nature!
Each user can become a contributor and submit observations of animals that he/she made or share pictures. For collecting geographical data, application will use GPS sensor of its hosted device. For image gathering, system will use built-in camera. If both of them are unavailable, people can send by manual uploading and input. This data will enable Wild Mentor to present population data and species availability visually through maps in future versions of this application. 

Why are we an international group?
Coming from various countries and continents, we are fighting together for conserving the nature of our planet. Conservation is only powerful if countries work together. Our international network also provides great opportunities for research.

What makes our app relevant?
a. Bangladesh is one of the most threatened countries through climate change. Monitoring the wildlife and making people aware of the beauty of nature is a necessary step in documenting and fighting against the threat of climate change.
b. There is no comparable app available for Bangladesh. Day by day the number of smart phones is increasing in Bangladesh and people want to get an online system for the wildlife of their country.
c. The citizen science part of the app will give us a completely new quality of big data that will help understanding the ecosystems of Bangladesh.

What can the user expect?
a. A simple and understandable system which requires no previous experience.
b. Not a single of our pictures is available online.
c. Some our researchers represent the only person in Bangladesh who is an expert on certain taxonomic groups in the context of Bangladesh.
d. An app that works offline and online. The cloud based web and mobile (partial offline) app will use device storage for local files and images.

Mobile App (Android) Link. Wildmentor

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